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New Sand Paper Gotta Buy This...

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Seems like a cheese grater. Might be a good idea though, but like jer7440 said it's probably not so good on curvey area, like around the horns on an electric. But let us know, it might work really well when starting from a rough cut instead of trying to use regular sand paper or planer. Thanks for the info, I always am interested in new technology. Jason

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Well I got the first set in.

The family pack, a coarse, med, and fine.

Wow the coarse was almost too aggressive, wanted to jump off the wood. I tried to use it on a maple burl and it left off. Went to the med and works really really nice.

I have a piece of flamed maple that had drum sander sanding marks and took those off in about 2 3 mins... where as the 60 grit reg sand paper would take 10mins or so.

I used the fine and seemed to work ok.

I only really played around do to garbage night here at home but seems pretty wicked. There is a learning curve to this stuff. Its not a stick on and sand. You have to apply very light pressure and just guide the sander not push down like with regular paper.

my 2cents... :D

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