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Mahogany Or Mapple Neck?

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I don't know what's gone on here (darn internet!!)

here's what I posted:

well the title says most the story really.

which do you think will be best?

the design so far is:

12-string, neck through, SG styled (in outline) with body binding, probably P90's maybe a humbucker or mini-humbucker at the neck.

probbaly black :D:D I can't help myself ok??

I'm thinking about mahogany for the 'wings' on the body and an Ebony fretboard.

I just can't deside on what wood to make the neck from, I like bassy sounds but will all that mahogany with no other woods be too bassy?

also I have a piece of wood (was a shelf) that is DEFINATLY hard wood its very hard very heavy and is quite pale yellow and the grain is a very dark red-ish. any help identifying that? as its the perfect size for making a neck's (about 1-3/4" think and very long)

any help will be appreciated B)

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If you are going for Mahogany. Do you know what type you are going to use (Genuine(Swietenia macrophylla)or African)? If you are open to African ( AKA Khaya(Khaya ivorensis) and Sapele(Entandrophragma cylindricum) ) you might check out the Sapele. From my experience it seems to be a bit brighter than Genuine. Khaya doesn't seem to carry the high quite as well as Genuine, but is very nice sounding also. I personally like them all of them.

Peace, Rich

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I belive the supplyer I'm thinking about getting it from was calling it 'brazilian' I don't think its the 'genuine' Swietenia macrophylla speceies as the supplyer has that listed elswhere

I don't think it is oak. just doesn't seem to be dark enough. here's a picture of what I've got:


other picture

:D sorry about my rubbish webcam :D and ignore the mess in the background B) its out of foucus for a reason

EDIT: I'm wondering if this could be red oak? as I have read that is often used in furniture. is red oak a good tone wood?

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