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As representing the new users of the form I'd like to thank everyone for their time and effort based on our passion of luthierie and the instrument that started it all. Out of all the help and assistance i've seached out on the forum I would also like a print resource to pick up some extra info that searching on this forum could not give me. Any recomendations on bu8ilding solid and hollow body guitars?


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I believe he means a book or any printed resource. I personally don't know of any good ones, but I'm sure someone does. There are a great amount of people on this site that I know will have some recommendations. Hopefully that cleared things up for you. Jason

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I've got both Hiscock's "Make Your Own Electric Guitar" and Martin Koch's "Build Your Solid-Body Guitar" CDROM. I can very much recommend both of them.

The Koch CDROM contains about 35 minutes of guitar-building videos, which I found very nice. It also includes the full text of his book "Building Electric Guitars".



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