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Abralon Disc


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I am trying to order an assortment kit of the Abralon Sanding discs. The few places I have found that I can order them from are out and on backorder, with no known date of them being filled by Mirka.

I have not tried this yet (after seraching this board): Abralon Dealer

They are closed until Monday, so I can not find out if they have any in stock, but in this age of the internet and instant information, I am being impatient and don't want to wait till Monday. :D

Does anyone have a source I can contact to order these? Thanks!

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I buy all of my finishing materials from Industrial Finishes (Rockville, Maryland).

They are local to me and I just drive there to pick up my materials, but I understand they do have a website presence and they have the Abralon Pads, they're the ones who turned me on to them in the first place.

PS, there's one thing I learned about Abralon pads and orbital sanders.

1. As I have already stated before, don't -ever- use them -with water- on an orbital sander with a vacuum dust removal system, you'll burn up the sander in short order ( B) )

But what I have learned -recently-... is that orbital sanders are trying to be more and more fancy with their smooth 'clutch' systems, and it SUCKS when using Abralon pads, the g*ddamned thing will barely move at all, they rely on friction or something, and the pads offer very little friction and thus they barely will make the sander rotate at all.

I bought a new orbital sander last month, and while it is fantastic for sanding finishes w/ 320 grit, they are smooth as a baby's ass, they completely suck when an abralon pad is put on them which offers very little resistance.

And the new ones move too slow for me too.

I'm looking for some old sanders now. :DB)

I'm trying to figure out how to modify it to bypass that clutchy thingy, I hate it! :D:D

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Have you tried Wood Finishing Supplies? There's no one there on weekends but at least you can order online.

That is actually who I ordered from a while back. I had to ask them about the status almost a week later to only be told it was on backorder. I canceled with them this morning and ordered from Homestead Finishing. They had the kit in stock.

Thanks for the help, guys!

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Have you tried Wood Finishing Supplies? There's no one there on weekends but at least you can order online.

I would not recommend using this company at all! I originally ordered the Abralon Discs from them. I had to email them a week later after I placed the order to ask about shipment, since they sent me no indication of the order shipment, tracking number, etc. I was told then it was on back order. Would have been nice to know that by a simple email from them prior to me having to ask about it a week later.

As of Monday, I have since placed the order with Homestead and have canceled my original order with Wood Finishing Supplies via the telephone. I was assured my Payapl refund would be processed. Well, here it is on Friday, 2 emails to them and 1 phone call later (left message) and still no refund. I know they have read at least one of my emails concerning the refund on Tuesday, since I received the read receipt for it.

Anyway, I am still trying to get my money back and have filed a complaint with Paypal. Just wanted to let all of you know about their business practices and my experience. I would recommend avoiding these guys!

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