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Black Tuners On Newporter

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I have to admit I'm an acoustic guitar player at heart. Building electrics is fine but occasionally you find something that gives a little of both worlds. Here is a mid 60's Fender Newporter that I rebuilt (new spruce top) a while ago. Up until yesterday it had massive Grover tuners on the headstock that would only fit at an angle. Those are going on the Tequila Sunrise tele that I'm building and were replaced by black "Profile" brand minis I found yesterday. Pretty generic tuners but they do the job and needed little fitting. All of a sudden the guitar looks a LOT cooler. :D Unfortunately, the back of the headstock is pretty perforated by original mounting screw positions and the those from the Grovers. I've yet to see a method that will "erase" those holes. But I'll fill with maple dust and glue anyway.


I usually string this guitar Nashville style (higher register of a 12 string set) which gives a light, jangly 12 string sound. The lower half of the 12 string set goes on my other steel string acoustic.

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Nice guitar. I got one about 8 years newer. Glad you figured out the "string-recycling" thing. I got more split-sets sitting around than I will ever figure out what to do with. If I were more organized, I would have them all sorted by gauge and construction like the big boys do. NOT!!!

BTW, if done correctly, you are the only one that will see the back of the headstock.

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