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Kinman Strat Wiring Mod


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I don't know if this mod has been covered before, if it has...delete this

I've had a few Kinman Blueprint strats (which are very nice axes),

and Chris Kinman had a different wiring system on his strats...

He had the bottom tone pot wired as a neck pickup volume, so whatever

pickup was selected, you could wind in the neck pickup as well.

This gave all possible pickup combinations (well, the two you

can't normally get..bridge and neck..and all 3 together)

Sorry I haven't got a diagram...Chris Kinman doesn't make guitars

anymore, only pickups...shouldn't be too hard to work out though...

There may have been a diagram in an old Sonics mag...if I can find it, I'll post it

It's just a way of making a seemingly stock Stratocaster more versatile


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I've got a similar idea wired into my Sustainer Test Strat.

I wired one tone to be a volume control independent of the selection switch to the mid pickup.

What that gives you is the ability to wind in as little or as much of the middle "phase-oid strat" sound as you like to any position with a three way Gibson style selector. I also have phase switches so that you can alternatively have the mid pickup combination sounds either with that kind of Mark Knophler sound or a more powerful midrange sound. Also if you have a Reverse wound reverse polarity mid pickup (mine aren't) you are dialing in humcancelling effects.

So...it's very simple to use...3 way neck, bridge and neck/bridge in the midle position. Dial in the middle to get neck/mid, bridge/mid or all three in the middle.

No more fiddling about trying to get those positions 2 and 4 plus you get the other combinations as well...the phase switching just sweetens the deal. For a really neat installation you could use a simple pull pot to turn the mid on and off if you wanted.

Maybe it's an Aussie thing :D


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Yeah, Pete it might be an Aussie thing...

I didn't check all the threads in the Electronics section...

I thought someone must've mentioned this idea...Kinman was doing it in the mid 80's

Around the time Passac came out with their brilliant guitar midi system...

Another brilliant Aussie invention destined to be forgotten...

Even now, I don't think anyones doing 'pick direction sensing'

(different midi sounds for up & down strokes)...heh



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I did something similar on a no-name strat of mine.. Instead of a volume for the pickup in question, I had a DPDT switch that adds the bridge in parallel with which ever pickup combination is selected (via the 5-way).. The only quirk of the circuit is that when you have the bridge switch on and the 5-way selecting the bridge, the bridge is taken completely out of the circuit, resulting in a kill switch of sorts.. Bridge+mid remains bridge+mid, though..

I lived in Australia for some years.. Does that count? :D

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Hi Stalefish,

Sounds like not a bad system for getting all the pickup combinations...

plus you can get that machine-gun on-off effect with the switch (but only on the bridge p.u.)

Which is really the best choice for that effect..heh

and yes, that will count as an Australian innovation..we don't mind..heh


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