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Simple Humbucker Wiring


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Alright, newbie here.

This might seem to be an easy question for a lot of you... but I'm a bit lost... actually, let's say I was thrown into the middle of the pacific ocean with no compass.

I need to wire a Seymour Duncan SH4 JB model Humbucker, 1 tone pot, 1 volume pot, and an output jack.

Ive been searching the internet for diagrams, but everything I find has more than one pickup, and the switches just scare the crap out of me, just too many wires!

I'm aware than I'm going to need to have a ground wire soldered to the bridge... and I don't know how I will do that because I'm using a Hardtail bridge... but that's for later. I just need to know what wiring and what directions I need to go.

I'm pretty sure I need 500K-ohm pots, a mono jack, maybe a capacitor???

Nights of Columbus... Help Me!


P.S. Will this Melvyn Hiscock book help me with this? I tried to get it today, but the store was out of stock

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one problem, it says there I need one 500 K pot and one 250K pot. I'm putting the knobs directly through the wood and I can't get a 250K that is long enough.... will a 500K still work, would I have to change the cap from .022 to .050 or somthing?

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Wow... so many questions... but that's what a forum is for...

I also need to know what I should ground to. Is there any possible way of NOT having to ground to the bridge? I don't know how I will ground to it if I have to. I'm getting this bridge:


Sorry again about the questions...

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