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Fs: Ibanez Parts + A Few Misc Items

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Ok, will list and if anyone wants pics, requests to khracing@yahoo.co.uk (is being funky and it's taking ages to get replies out)

1, Brand new in packet Edge bar Plastic washers £3 each (2 of)

2, Rg5xx/7xx series Truss rod cover and screws £5

3, Trem claws and screws £3 each (3 of)

4, Edge spring clamps/bars (screw on block) £2 each (2 of)

5, 1 pair of Ibanez Chrome buttons £3 (very worn)

6, 1 pair of Ibanez Cosmo buttons £3 (very worn)

7, 1 Pair of Ibanez? JS buttons £5 (mint)

8, 1 pair of Floyd rose Inserts and trem posts £5 (very worn (+ screw type)

9, 1 Pair of Ibanez Edge Posts and Anchors £30 (VGC)

10, 1 Pair of Ibanez Edge Posts £15 (VGC)

11, AANJ Screw and Washer set £30 (Good Condition)

12, Cosmo String retaining bar £5 (VGC inc. Screws)

13, Cosmo Tuners £25 (VGC)

14, 2 x Ibanez Black face hums £30 the pair (VGC, lots of wire)

15, 2 x 9v Battery clips £2 the pair

16, Floyd Rose screw collar trembar £5 (worn threads but works fine)

17, 4 x Hi-Fi ,Gold plated Banana Plugs £10

18, Possibly 1 x rg5xx/7xx B/W/B s/plate £20 (GC)

Thanks for looking guys, All this really needs to go asap Paypal or cheque Prefered

£150 the lot. Shipped (usa/oz/europe partial shipping inc.)

Needs to go guys, saving of over £80


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