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What Neck Wood, Or Woods

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I bought a Les Paul double cutaway body made out of figured maple and pecan. I was wondering what type of wood or woods to use for the neck, it will be a set neck. I'm not quiet ready to make my own neck I'm going to buy one from soul mate guitars. I'm thinking that the body of maple and pecan will be pretty bright so maybe a neck of mahogany and pau ferro laminate with pau ferro fretboard to warm it up some. :D

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Maple and Pecan? That sounds like some pancakes I had the other day.

If you want to warm up a body, nothing does it quite like a Rosewood neck. You can go with a Rosewood or Ebony fretboard. Pau Ferro would be great, too but the colors might clash a little.

Whatever you choose, what I wanted to add is that neck laminates will brighten the sound some, and compress and comb out some midrange swell. For your unique situation, regardless of wood choice, I'd recommend a solid neck. I mean, a headstock join (scarf or otherwise) is fine, but not a three piece laminate.

You won't regret using Rosewood, especially with an Ebony board. But if it's cost prohibitive, then a solid Mahogany neck with PF or RW fretboard will be fine. You can always fatten up the low end with pickups, but you can't really restore high frequencies that have been dampened. So it's better to err on the bright side with your materials, unless you've built so many guitars that you can accurately predict your acoustic results from your materials list and construction techniques alone.

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Wow you seem to know a lot about body and neck wood combinations. The guy I'm going to buy the neck from would make me a 3 piece mahogany with either rosewood or pau ferro, not a one piece neck would that be good from what your saying? :D

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