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Need Help Staining & Fnshng White Korina

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I'm about to embark on a journey of dying a hollow white korina telecaster. The colors i've chosen are red and black. I'll probably try to do some sort of sunbursting..

I'm really foggy on how i should prep the wood... well... not on how.. but when i should... should i dye the wood first? or should i add grain filler then sand and sealer before adding the dye? I've read about some people doing both...

I've got natural grain filler... and a can of sand and sealer aerosol... some black powder (add to lacquer) die, and some red powder dye.

Lastly i have a can of clear aerosol lacuer satin finish...

i purchased all of the products from The Guitar ReRanch...

I guess all i need is a post or two pushing me in the right direction... I know it's going to be a slow process.. but i'd like to get started... (well.. we're about to be hit with a tropical storm, so i'll probably have to wait at least a week before the weather calms down)

any info would help,


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