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Order Of Doing Things

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Hi all,

After looking through the search function, and having the only interesting thing I found being the whole Litchfield saga (now I understand all the aggro), I still can't find the answer I need.

I'm building a Tele, Ash body with Flame Maple top. The body has been cut to shape/thickness/chambered and everything, and I've just obtained myself a top.

I've bookmatched it, got the centre join down pat, and cut the shape to within 1/8" of final size.

However, it's 3/8" thick, but I'm going to thickness it to 1/4" (fits in nicer with my thinline design). Now my question is - do I thickness it first, making sure both pieces are identical before gluing to the body, or do I glue it down then thickness?

I'm just wondering which would be easier. (To thickness it I've built Setch's by now legendary router thicknessing jig), and I'm just curious about what you guys would recommend to be the easiest option?


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I would thickness the body and top separately, I also would thickness the top before cutting out the design.

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If you already have the body cut out, I would join the two halves of the top, then thickness, then once the top is aligned to the body, I'd cut it out slightly larger and glue it on.

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