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The Tremol-no Has Been Licensed!

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Hmmm...for a Bigsby, eh?  Maybe after Gibson calls me up.  :-)

Thought I'd let you folks know that Tremol-No.com has been updated with all new CAD pics.  These are what the production units will look like.  No major changes, but you'll see more arcuation on the claw hooks, and some rounded corners to make it a little sleeker/harder to build.  (LOL)  The bright, pretty colors are gone from the main pics, but the Parts image has some purple, bronze and red.

I'm working on the Players page.  Let me know what you guys think about this so far:


(The images will all be thumbnailed later today; sorry dial-up users)

I'm still messing around with it, but so far I'm diggin' it.  Simple and clean. 

Suggestions are welcome

Honestly kev I think its a little disorganised. Id have the photos at the top and then the great quotes and kind words bit, at the bottom. No breaks just a wall of photos and then the text. I just think that would look more professionall! Hope your well and congrats by da way! Good job

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Thanks guys.

Eddie- good to see you back here! Your suggestion was a common one among the people I tossed the link to. I have since updated the Players2 page. There is now a single row of text-only at the top, then all the pics, then a single row of text-only at the bottom.

There's just something so very wrong about putting Steve Blucher at the bottom of *any* list.


BigD- Right now, those are for the guys testing out the units that have sent me pics and quotes. In the future, I might do a "Gallery Of Owners"...maybe with some weekly/monthly contest for a shirt/hat/something. We'll see.

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Looking through your site breifly, I saw nothing on how this would work with a bass tremelo. You ought to mention it, and get an bass endorser. You never know who'll get discouraged by not seeing anything about it working with a bass trem. Sure, they're not as common, but us bassists deserve mention too!

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Well, the site update is pretty much finished (for this week. LOL).

All new CAD pics and updates to the front page, Products, Instructions, and FAQ.

The Players page now looks like a real gallery. :D

Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy folks!


Paul- If you know of anyone with a trem-equipped bass that they'd be willing to send me to test with, I'd be more than happy to try it. My contact info is on the site. Thanks!

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one follow up on the stew mac product that kinda follows with what's already been said, it requires modding the guitar, drilling extra holes, potentialy buying new springs, as well as a "sustainer clip??? in the end kevan's device looks stronger, easier, simpler to install, and probably cheaper, both to purchase, and to have installed.

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