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Hidden Pearl!

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I've had this tele clone that I've wanted to convert to a thinline (originally I was going to do another Bocaster, but decided I wanted to keep the tele shape).

Anyway, i took the guitar apart, and that's the way it's been for the past three or four months...

Well, today I sanded the paint off --this awful greenish-yellow stuff, thick plastic clear coat, I think they were trying for butterscotch blonde, but yuck...and...

Holy Moly! There's this beautiful wood underneath! It's solid alder, deep reddish though, three-pieces, beautiful grain, pretty well matched....

This thing its going to be so perty, I'm thinking of picking up a real Fender neck for it (the neck the guitar came with is nothing special...)

I'm still going to make a thinline out of it....

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Some production-line guitar builders painted some REALLY pretty wood. The Asian Fender copies are really bad about this. I think someone was watching the wood going through the Mexico plants because they didn't waste much good wood.

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Well, I finished rough sanding it, and it's really pretty... I don't believe it's really alder, I didn't think alder had this kind of grain to it.

On the other hand, that reddish color seems to be an extra layer of...sealer? Not sure...it doesn't seem to have penetrated that far into the wood, and the only place I sanded through it was on the sides...

Doesn't seem like the red was a primer...any ideas? I'll want to to balance it out on the sides again.

But yeah, I'll post some photos in the progress section, once it's under way.

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