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Finishing Supplies In The Uk

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Craft supplies

David Dykes (Luthier Supplies)

I think Touchstone's also carry nitro as well, i'm not sure as i buy most of my stuff (grain filler / sanding sealer being the exceptions) from my local auto paint supplier.

Jem :D

Ok, thats great, I thought that finishes for guitars might be differently balanced is all,

is there anything I should watch out for when buying from non-instrument specialist suppliers?



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Chris, common sense really.

Just make sure everythings compatible with everything else otherwise if you start mixing nitro with acrylics with waterbased with whatever else you could end up with a gooey mess or something that NEVER dries hard. If your thinking of going to a local paint factors explain what you're up to and most are more than willing to guide you through. The first time i walked into my local paint factors and i blurted out that i wanted to paint something the guy immediatley said 'painting a guitar then !' and it turns out that this isn't as unusual a request as i thought it was. You'll find that most can mix up whatever you want depending if you're going to gun it or can it although obviously you won't be able to get metalflake and some other groovy finishes in can version due to nozzle and pressure limitations. Just another thing, my local parts factors closed down recently and they were having a clearence sale and i got 12 big cans of nitro clear for a tenner....always worth keeping an eye out !

Jem. :D

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