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2 Piece Glued Body Blank...

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Hi gang

I've visited this excellent :D site a bajillion times but never needed to ask a question, until now!

I bought a two-pieces-glued-together northern ash body blank from eBay a while ago and am now ready with my cardboard template to mark and cut out the body shape.

Unfortunately the shape I have won't fit on the body blank unless I choose to stop using the glue line as the centre line.

Will this affect the structural stability of the finished body? The shape isn't at all radical - it's very much like this:


but the width of the blank isn't enough to cater for the full belly of the body shape. If I turn the cardboard template around slightly it fits fine, but as I say the glueline is now not straight down the centre of the body.

Oh, I should mention this thing will be painted, so as far as I'm concerned the look of the off-center glueline is immaterial. I'm just bothered about the thing falling apart in 3 months or something :D

any and all comments are very welcome! I'm really hoping you don't say "design a new body" though!

Many thanks


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