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Winding My Own Pickups.


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I've made 3, not too hard, just keep ENOUGH tension on the wire! that said, not too much either. I keep my first on the shelf to remind me, it's sagged in the middle and looks like it came from my dogs ass. those pickup kits stewmac sell I feel are rather expensive(that said they do have very quick shipping so come in use), I have no memory of what it was called, but there is an online shop that sells stuff for making pickups, even kitsets as memory recalls.(I found it on google a while back while looking for P90 kits if that helps)

as far as a winder goes, well it's not hard, if you wanna make heaps, make a motorised winder. but a 3:1 hand drill does a good job and quickly too.

ooh and I forgot, next time use search!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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