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A Collet Reducer From 1/2 To 1/4

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The 1/4 collet on my pin router is a custom made collect and it does not fit 100%. I have tried three different bits 1/4 inch bits and none of them sit correctly. They chatter which is no good.

I was looking on ebay for someone selling this and could only find someone in the UK selling them. Where can I buy these in the USA?



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I have three collets. A 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4.

The orginal 1/4 was lost I was told, and they had a tool and die shop make one for them. Its just a tad too small.

I have seen reducers for dremel and other tools, I am sure I can get one around here?

Pic to come.

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talk to a machinist. A collet is a simple mechanism. Maybe they could take the one you have and bore it out a touch.. or re-fabricate the inside portion.

Is the bore too small or is the diameter of the threaded part too small and loose? Fabricating the outside part I would think would be much easier. Milling a little piece of steel and throwing some threads on it shouldn't cost too much.

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Back up to the first comment.

Why are you trying to use 1/4" shank bits?

They are going to give you chatter no matter how good your collet adapter is. Especially when you have them chucked up in a beast like that thing you have. The only way to keep them cutting clean is with eensy tiny little whimpy passes which defeart the purpose of having an 800 pound monster that sleeps by the door!

I can't think of any profile that I can get in a 1/4 and not in a 1/2".

The cost difference when weighed against the performance is negligible at best.

I'm a cheapskate and even I spring for the 1/2".

The only time I use 1/4" stuff is in a laminate trimmer, which can't sling 1/2' stuff.

Just curious.

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