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Filling Holes

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Hello everyone! I am almost finished restroting my Hagstrom, and I have to fit a new bridge. This means that I have to fill the two holes left by the old bridge. Then I have to drill smaller holes for the new bridge. So, I need to know how much trouble it is going to be to fill in the holes. Should I do it, or let my tech do it?

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Good Lord, I swear you wrote you were almost finished DESTROYING your Hagstrom. I was going to ask the name of the people who pick up your garbage! I gots to get some computer glasses. :D

OOPS, almost forgot to reply. I guess you are gonna forgoe the tuno and put in a through-the-back string ferrule and all thingie? If the new bridge is gonna cover the old tuno holes, once they are plugged, as previously suggested, I don't think you have anything else to worry about except making those dowel inserts strong and permanent. I just LOVE Hagstroms. Don't forgat to seal the ends of those new, glued-in dowels with some laquer or nail polish.

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