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5 Way Switch Questions


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I'm very new to wiring my own guitars and am trying to put together a Yngwie set up. I have 2 Dimarzio HS3's and 1 YJM. I have the layout right from Fender and it seems pretty cut and dry. The part I'm having a problem with are the poles on the 5 way switch. I understand normal 5 ways have pole A and pole B on opposite sides with the spring on the side of the hot wires from the pups. I'm trying to understand which pole the hot wires from the pups go to. The other problem I'm having is I have an import switch the the both poles in a row

pole a 1230-0123 pole b

  1. Normal 5 way being 0123 Pole A opposite side 1230 Pole B

  2. Import switch being pole A 12300123 Pole B

So does it matter which pole the hot wires go to? and if anyone would like to elaborate on this set up pls. feel free. Thanks.

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I doesnt matter which side of the switch they go to. Have a good look at the switch and see which contact is the common ie: the one thats always conected. one side is used for  the input/output and the othere side goes to the tone pots.

So basically I could use either pole for hot? The common of the import switch has a jumper already. it's the one labeled 5-6. the electronic board on the side labels them 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. According to Stew Mac the imports are 1234-5678 with the poles being split down the middle. If the poles don't matter then the rest is history. Thanks for the help.

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