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Reshaping Neck

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Tried searching, but didn't find what I need. Godin said he reshaped the neck of his guitar, but now he's disappeared, I can't ask him.

So here goes:

I have a neck here from my telecaster clone that's pretty nice. Maple on maple. Except I prefer rolled edges, the edges on this one are pretty sharp.

I'm thinking I should be able to roll them myself, using a sand block with metal-grade sandpaper, that way I'll get through the wood and the fret ends. While I'm at it, I'll make the neck slightly narrower (less than half a millimeter on either side). Otherwise the neck has a nice shape, round the way I like 'em.

So first I'll mark the line I want to sand down to. Then I'll sand. Then I'll spray a couple/few coats of clear where I've sanded away the finish.

I'll also need to put a new nut in there with narrower string spacing (I prefer Gibson-style spacing anyway)

Are there any issues with doing it this way? Can you think of anything I should look out for?


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.................not that i can think of.........

The only thing that maybe you should look for is the fact that if you make the fret's too slanted on the sides like the beveled part or whatever the E strings might be prone to slipping off the side of the fret and make some strange noises :D

lol my guitar is kinda like that however that could be from the string spacing at the nut - just giving you a tip from a non expierenced fellow B) hope all goes well.

p.s i will probobally start work on my bolt to set neck conversion soon :D


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p.s i will probobally start work on my bolt to set neck conversion soon  :D

Yeah, I'm clearing away a couple of semi-completed projects first, then I can get to work on my own...

The narrower nut should mostly take care of the edge issue, I think, but I've also ordered a new set of saddles with a slightly smaller e-to-e spread. So between the two, I should be able to get the neck where I want it.

Of course, I'm also looking around for a Fender neck too...

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