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Alrighty.. I have a neck(bought) stripped down and ready to be bolted on, it's all good, though I don't know the scale length of the neck... I measured it to the 12th fret, and I got 29.4 centimeters, which is 11.57 inches... Which would be 23.14 full scale length? I'm confused though because I don't think thats a common scale length? Any help would be appreciated...

Also, when I double the measurement (11.57") is that where I place the bridge on the body?


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You are measuring from edge of nut slot (hint: the side where the nut meets the fingerboard) to the middle of the 12th fret right? If so, then yes, you have a non-standard scale length. Which by that I mean, not a PRS (25"), Fender (25.5"), or Gibson (24.75") standard scale lengths. Recheck your measurements to be certain.

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