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Jackson Ps$

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I am buying a Jackson PS4 that is on sale only because the previous owner decided to dip the fron of the guitar in swirl paint...Any way to get it off? This model is not a classic nor expensive, so if not, I will strip it all down and do it rite...Black with gold hardware.


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Ok. This might be a dumg question to ask here, but should I get a fully completed playable, and representable guitar for 50 dollars more or save 50 dollars plus the cost of the case to buy a this Ps4 with a case and spend an hour or two workin on it. Any Ideas and comments appreciated. Also, the retard who owned it previous to the store decided to PAINT the pickups, should I change out the Pickups and Pots too?



PS. This is sorta like a starter electric, but been playing acoustic for a little bit. So would it be too bad for me to do some custom stuff? I will have this for a year or two or three, until I can afford a PRS(SWEET GUITARS BTW). I like this forums good responses!


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