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Bronze Leaf Inlay


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Hello everyone,

I'm having a custom 7 made by a luthier and the instrument should be finished in a couple of months but I'm having some trouble deciding what material to use for my golden sun inlay.

It's either gold MOP or very thin bronze sheets (I think it's called bronze leaf). Gold MOP doesn't convince me at all since it's not strong enough for it to make a good contrast against the maple fretboard and so I'm thinking of settling for the bronze which gives quite a strong and cool effect.

However, I'm a bit worried that implanting metallic material into my fretboard will affect my tone and make it much more brighter. I mean it's not a simple vine like above but a whole inlay made of this stuff. I really don't know just how thick this material is and if it really has a metallic nature so I may be worrying unnecesairly but I'd rather be sure. My luthier says I shouldn't worry about it but you never know... :D

You guys have any thoughts on this? They would be greatly appreciated!


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Don't worry about it. The material is red brass- or dix-gold. It looks just like gold but doesn't cost as much.

Of course it will tarnish but that's easily fixed. The depth is most likely .06 deep.

It will NOT effect the tone. Not noticeably anyway.

Craig Lavin

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Hey Craig, thanks a lot for the reply. After seeing your AMAZING work I know I can trust your word!

I'm pretty set on the bronze then and I hope it will still reflect light after being lacquered! :D I'm still not sure how thick this stuff is but I'll remember to ask my luthier that next time I talk to him.

Thanks again.

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