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A New Rock Amp


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I am looking for a new amp to use in my band (rock/screamo/hardcore/indie) and there is so many to choose from i would really like a bogner uberschall but i dont have $3000 i am looking to spend about $800-$1300 and i want one that has good distortion but also really good cleans the tone i use on my amp now (wich is a fender fm212r) is like gain on 6-7 treble 7-8 bass 5-6 and mid 2-3 so i dont really have a higain setting but enough gain to make it sound good

There is a couple amps i was looking at Peavey 6505+, Peavey JSX, Carvin Legacy, Fender metalhead, or the randall rm100. I dont know if i should look for tube or solidstate i dont know the differince in sound and if anyone has any of these amps or knows a better amp that i can get or has any info or suggestions for me it would help thanks

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How about a Peavey Classic 30 combo and a Fulltone Fulldrive or an HAO Rust Driver? Unless you're doing Anekdoten covers, it'll get you there, and you'll still have a fairly good clean sound. Any new half-stack that's within your budget is pretty much rubbish, sorry. Maybe you could find a used Laney GH50 stack that you could afford.

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i have to go off the wall here and reccomend the crate blue voodoo...you can get a half stack for your budget,they are all tube,and the one i played through had that nice mettallica-ish sound...and a good,crisp clean.

you can even get cheaper by buying a behringer 4 by 12 cab instead of the crate cab...



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