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I am buying a Jackson PS4 that is on sale only because the previous owner decided to dip the fron of the guitar in swirl paint...Any way to get it off? This model is not a classic nor expensive, so if not, I will strip it all down and do it rite...Black with gold hardware.

I was wondering...is it ok to paint it, because the paint it has now is really skrewed up by the previous owner. I was wondering if I should take it down to wood and then paint. The guy at Guitar Center said it was ok just to get it flat, spray automotive primer, then sand it flat, then paint it black with high gloss automotive paint, then clear coat it with, you got it, automotive clearcoat. Does this sound reasonable to you? I am fairly limited on my money, so I cannot really buy anything too fancy. Oh the paint he told me to get was spray paint. Then I could do stencils and custo it before i clear coat it. Any reasonable doubts/problems? I know I will be losing money, but I am getting an incredible deal on this, and I just want something that looks reasonable to rock on.

Any ideas/warnings/criticism are appreciated.


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yes, it is ok to spray the primer and then the paint without stripping away the old color. I do this all the time and gets very good! You should only take the finish off if you plan on having the natural wood visible somewhere on the body. Yes, I'm money limited as you. Hope it helps, c ya!

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