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Need Help With Solid Color Finish Job

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I need a little guidance please. I've sprayed a few coats of color (rattle cans from Reranch) and it looks like it will need some sanding. How far do I need to sand the color? Does it have to be down to where there are no pit marks at all? What about fine scratches? Start with 600 wet and go up to...what? Then clear coats and alot more sanding I know. Just not sure about the color coat. I've been researching this for quite a while, but it seems I'm still a little confused.

Also, this body has a single plastic binding around the top edge. I taped the binding on the wide side but not the edge (top). I'm going to scrape the binding before clear coating, and spray all surfaces together with clear nitro. I'm a little worried about blending the edge where the binding and color meet. Any suggestions?

This is my first project; and its been a struggle. Almost six months of ups and downs, but I'm enjoying it. I'm already gearing up for number two!

Thanks, Rob.

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