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Has Anyone Found A Less Expensive Source

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I am thinking about trying to wind my own pickup and I am curious if any of you have found a less expensive source of wire? I mean something way less than the luthier catalogs.

backwoods  :D

Ebay, Got 4, 2lb rolls for around $60

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Hmm, I don't buy wire for PUP winding on luthiers. Go to any eletronics shop and ask for a #43 wire roll (the gauge do affects the sound, #43 is used by Seymour Duncan).

I have a table of various PUPs specifications (like wire gauge, insulation, magnet types and the number of turns on the bobin) if you want just send me a PM! C ya!

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Radio Shack sells 1, 2, and 5 lbs. rolls of #43 magnet wire. I don't remember the prices, but I do remember seeing it there.

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