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Pickup Winding Techniques

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I have been thinking of making some pickups totally from scratch. I sometimes use white and red oak since they are local and the other times I use maple. I have to use HBs because of the brightness of oak and maple in a neck thru design. I want to try to make my own bobbins out of hardwood. Does anyone have a tutorial on making pups from scratch or possibly a blow up diagram of a "generic" one that I can copy the principal from.

I Have found a magnetic wire supplier online but I am curious if any of you use a larger or smaller than normal wire size for an extremely fat sound which I will need for the bright tone wood I use.

any reccomended # winds?

backwoods :D

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there are plent. I mean click the next page or two on the this electronics board and scrol down. There is probably at least 3 there in the last 5 pages.

3 min later:



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