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Carvin Pickups- Good Or Junk?

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I was wondering if anybody here has ever played Carvin pickups? And if so, what is your opinion of them? I have been considering a set of the "vintage humbuckers" I beleive they are the C22 model. Any and all opinions are welcome.

Thanks guys. :D

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I have C22's in my most recent build. For convenience, I ordered the "kit40" which has 2 humbuckers, 1 volume, 1 tone, and everything else you need to wire it up, including cavity shielding tape.

I'm happy with the tone, and the "bang for the buck". These pickups give a very clear tone for a humbucker, almost has a bell-like single coil sound in there, along with the power and noise cancellation of a humbucker. It's like a HB with more clarity and a touch more brightness. That's what my ears hear, anyway.

I also have a Strat with Carvin pickups. HSS configuration. Good tones there also, especially using the bridge and middle combination. As good or better tone than the original Fender pu's, but what I really like is they are less noisy.

Overall, they're great for the price. I like them well enough that I'll probably use them again in the future.

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