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Swapping Fender Tremelo

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You should just be able to drill a couple holes for the studs on the Floyd Rose and mount it up. If the new bridge causes the action to rise you may have to shim the neck angle. Also, I don't think the radius on most Floyds is going to match the 7.5 inch radius of the Strat neck. Others more experienced in retrofitting Floyds may be more helpful. I've only PLAYED a MIM Strat that this was done to, and from what the owner told me (long ago) it was pretty simple to do. Routing templates for recessed bridges and measurements for drilling the stud holes can be found on the Floyd Rose website as well.

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whats difference between floyd rose and licensed floyd rose? i was looking for tremelo, floyd rose original, and found different ones. get original, or is licensed ok?

how do i center the new routing pattern on guitar? find center of old bridge? appreciate the help..........................

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