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Hey guys.

I was at the Jaz festival in Montreal yesterday and there was a free clinic with Jim.

He told us all about the beginnings of his amps and Jimi Hendrix and Pete townsend and everyone that uses his amps. After the clinic i got to meet him and shake hi hand. He also signed my poster and i took a pic with him.(ill be positng it up soon)

The next clinic was with Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. He told us about his creative proess and his band and his new album. I sat 6 feet away from him. Unfortunately he didint come out to sign autographs but i still had a great time!!!

Was anyone else there? (probably not eh? not many Montrealers here i think)

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Jim Marshall is a really nice guy :D

Met him twice at a guitar show thats annually (2 years in a row i saw him)!

Got a guitar strap signed by him along side a picture and a poster with him and Nicko on (Nicko from Maiden)

Did they have the really big card board Marshall stacks? when ive seen him hes been surrounded by these stacks that look Perfectly real.. till you go to the side of them and there about 1/4 Inch thick :D

~~ Slain Angel ~~

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Hah, I was there. My friend got his guitar case signed by him :D

I also attended a little "conference" from Robert Godin and spoke with him a bit. He tryed to discourage me of making a neck-through guitar saying the sound was bad :D And he also said that different neck angle changed the sound B)

What's funny is that almost everything he said in his conference, i knew alredy because i spend so damn much time here... (i need a life!!)

anyways, the MMMIS (montreal musicians and musical instruments show) was a real great exposition!

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yeah they had those fake stacks.

they had 3 of them.

Last year there was this guitar duel thingy in montreal.

On stage they had like 10 fake stacks and two real half stacks. It was pretty funny.

And hey prevail, if you took any pcitures, do you think you could send them to me?


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