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Odd body style, please identify

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Hi all, I'm bidding on a oddball lefty body on ebay that I need some info. on. I was told it might be a Fender HM (Heavy Metal)? I've never heard of these but it looks like a decent body for 40$. It has some kind of extra hole/adjustment in the neck pocket I know nothing about. Any info. about anything here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :D

I can't figure out how to attach a picture but the auction # is 2545427124

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I was talking about that metal hole in the neck pocket. I've heard of the microtilt adjustment but don't know anything about it. Does it set an angle on the neck like a Les Paul or does it tilt side to side. Does anyone know where I might find some of the odd pieces for this guitar including the neck plate and will any type of FR trem unit work or does it have to be the Kahler that Alex said they originally came with? Thanks again.

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