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Crazy Designs

big z

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ok, here's the deal. i made meself a gibson sg (soon to be an sg special) and a gibson explorer. im on the painting part and i have no idea how to do really cool designs, the ones i wanted are midnight burst for the sg ( you can see here: http://www.gibson.com/Files/USA_PDFs/SGStandard.pdf ) and for the explorer you can see the color , (iguana burst), sample here: http://www.gibsoncustom.com/flash/products...s/finishes.html . now that you've seen the colors, i need help. it is my first time painting designs this hard, before i had always just odne solid colors. ok now i really NEED TO KNOW what:

- method of painting to use (ie. air brush, air gun, spray can, etc.)

- how to use the painting medium/ tool to obtain the pattern

- what paints to use ( types : acrylic, etc. colors: green (mixed with?..), royal blue, etc.)

- i also have a budget of $300 U.S.

please help me, i really appreciate it, thank you sooo much! :D:D

oh yes, i also want to put in mother of pearl trapezoid inlays on the fingerboard. if some could write me a little tutorial on this thread to cutting and installing trapezoid inlays on my explorer (rosewood fingerboard, chrome frets) and carving the cavaties for them and also, where i can buy them, i would be thankful!

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Dude if you go to the main site there are tutrorials on doing a burst finish like you want for the sg and for doing inlay. The main site is www.projectguitar.com go to the tutorial section.

There have also been several discussions on the board lately about inlay procedures.

Check out those resources and if you have more specific questions post them here and someone will be more than happy to help you out. :D

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