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I don't know why you would want it to blink whenever you hit a note. To me that would just get annoying.

I am planning on doing an LED project, and want to go with lights that blink in a pattern, and with a knob I can adjust the speed. Look up Knightrider LED on google images. There are a few schematics. If you want it to do what sims does, check google but I doubt you'll find it. If you do, let us know! lol.

Your best bet may be to buy one from sims with that option, and then open up your guitar and write down the schematic.


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I'm sorry this invention of thiers just cracks me up-


Way to really blind your audience!

Also, a question from me (not hijaking, it is relevant)- Whats the name of that guitar that has the LED's under every fret and every string, then has a knob like a tone knob where you select chords and shizzle and it lights them up?

Also I'm not sure how you would do it by making it light up, the only way I can think of would be with a light dependant diode on the underside or something, but I don't think it would work too well. You can't do it on the fret itself with pressure sensors, because as you should know the string never touches the fretboard.

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To get the flashing effect, he used a simple LM3915 VU Meter setup.

See this thread:


There's a little bit in there, but most importantly the schematics for what you're looking for.

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Hi all,

Been a lurker for ages. Time to start posting seeing as ive just finished my first guitar...

I just built a VU meter kit and wired it up to the output of my guitar and it works sweet! It all lights up beautifully. I didnt even need to have a preamp at all...

Only problem is when i wire it in with the normal guitar output I get crackling etc.

I have wired the hot out to the + in on the circuit and the ground to the neg in.

Any suggestions?


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Any suggestions?

Here's what I've done to play around with this, and it usually helped out.

Use no leads except for things coming directly from the jack. Solder another wire onto your hot output on the jack and run that to the VU's input, then solder another wire to the ground on the jack and run that to the ground on the VU.

This is just a cleaner way of wiring it, instead of pulling everything off the pots and whatnot. I prefered it more, it's easier to look at and visualize in the schematics. I don't know if it will solve your problem, but it might make troubleshooting easier.

EDIT - also, if we could see pics of what you've done and how you mounted it, that would rock.

Mine were run into a booster pedal. One for the in, one for the out, so I could see (sort of) the amount of "boost" I was getting out of it as opposed to just hearing it. Plus it looks cool. :D

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You can see the finger laser thing on the Steve Vai Live at the Astoria London dvd. Vai and Billy Sheehan both wear them on Bad Horsie, with the leds in the guitar neck and stuff. Pretty cool.

The other thing is the Fretlight guitar. It's like a training tool to show you chords and scales. Kinda like the old Roy Clark Big Note songbook idea, but not nearly as goofy. :D

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If you need any LEDs, look no further :D

You'll probably need only 10 percent of how much is being sold though lol


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