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Need Some Measurements

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i need the dimensions for a 24.75 scale neck

the nut would be a FR locking...

sorry for sounding like a noob

but i just needa know what the exact measurements the fretboard would be for these templates im drawing up (for a body) and i needa make sure its all in proportion

i'm sure all this stuffs in a thread somewhere...i just cant find it...

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I think no one is answering this because the answer to the question is something you have to figure out on your own. If you're using a locking nut, then your nut spacing is predetermined. That takes care of that. Now, I assume you've picked out a bridge, so you know your bridge spacing. Draw your nut and your bridge out on a piece of paper with 24.75" between them, now connect the E strings from the nut to the bridge. Now add about 1/8" on the outside of each E string, depending on how much space you think you need on the edge. Now mark where you want your fretboard to end. There you have it. The dimensions for your fretboard. And this has been my community service for the day.

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