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Automotive body filler

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I am refinishing a bass I built many years back and am going to re spray it. It has sustained some gouges and dings. I thought if it's to be resprayed with automotive type laquers why not use automotive filler to fill the dings, it should give the perfect surface for the paint to stick to.

Has anybody done this? Should the wood be sealed first then the filler applied, or the filler to the raw wood then seal?


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Any GOOD 2 part polyester body filler will work fine. Bondo sucks though. There is a product called Thin Ice which I use, it works great. Doesn't shrink, sands way better than bondo, and doesn't soak up the paint like Bondo does. The single part laquer based glazing putties will shrink, and can also react poorly to paint.

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Can a product like Thin Ice be used on a wood your gonna stain or leave translucent? If not what kinda wood filler will take stain and look good..?

no, polyester body fills are generally a pink color. If you are going to stain wood, the only way to not leave marks, is don't make mistakes. You can buy colored wood filler, but stain won't take to it the same way that it does wood, you'll always see it a bit.

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