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Do These Measurements Seem Right?

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OK so I'm making my own templates for my OWN guitar (no problem with copyrights etc. :D ) and I just want to know what you think about these measurements. I'm using a picture from the PRS website of a McCarty and I made black outlines of the whole guitar, just the body, just the neck etc. that I'll print out on several pieces of paper and then transfer to thick poster board and possibly masonite for routing out the body.

My measurements on the body height came out a little bit (about a half inch) smaller than that of my strat. Would that make sense because of the shorter scale lenght?

(btw, my measurements were about 17.3 inches on height from the bottom (vertically) to highest horn and 25.2 inches from the top of the headstock to the bottom of the neck pickup these are from my ratios)

Main question:

Does it make sense that a McCarty is a little bit smaller than a strat? I guess that's all I really want to know, if anyone knows that for a fact. Also if someone owns a PRS, it'd be nice to know if my measuring is close. If I don't care that it won't be exactly the same as a PRS, would it matter that I'm off by that tiny bit?

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blow up the photo until the distance from the nut to the pickup side of the bridge on the high E string is 25" That's the scale length for a McCarty. Strat Scale is 25 1/2"

That's what I did/meant... I did from the middle of the bridge I'm guessing it's right, I just wanted someone to tell me if that seems right that the body is smaller than that of a strat

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