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How Do I Center The New Routing Pattern On Guitar?

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measure and find the center of the neck pocket and the existing holes for the old pickups and make a small mark that won't be seen when you install your pickup rings or pick guard. run a piece of tape along the length of the guitar from the neck pocket to the tail end running along those marks and that's your center mark. find the center on your routing template and lay it down matching up with the edge of the tape..done deal.

good luck.

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pickups may not be on, and neck pocket is kinda hard to extend properly with any accuracy, find the center of the existing bridge (hint:right between the D and G saddles :D ) or put a small machinest's square on the guitar and slide it up to either E string mark a line on the guitar at the bottom of the machinest's sqaure and find the center. get a long ruler and clamp it on the fingerboard using quick clamps ( the yellow one's from walmart) use a little ruler to center it at the nut and at the last fret, then it should extend thru the center of the guitar. I'd use all of those to find your "mean" center line of the body and go with what looks best.

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