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How To Wire 2 Humbuckers To 3 Way


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Okay, here's the deal, I have two humbuckers, 4 conductor cables. Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell, and Dimarzio Evolutioni. I have a single coil space but am going to leave it empty.

Alright, so the sounds I want are: HFH only. HFH blended with Evolution. and Evolution only. Easy right? But I don't know how.

Okay, so question #2. A totally different question. If I were to use a single coil in the middle and use a 5 way switch, HOW DO YOU BLEND the Humbuckers in a HSH setup? Does that make sense?

I guess my question really is: How do switches work?

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go to the home page here..click on tutorials..click on electronics and then wiring diagrams. you'll find everything there including the dimarzio wire color codes.

good luck

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It's actually pretty easy.

On a 4-wire pickup, you'll most likely need to solder two of the wires together and tape them off unless you plan to coil tap, which does not appear to be the case in your scenario. You'll need to check with the pickup manufacturer for this info.

On a three way switch (gibson style) you should have two sides of contacts on the bottom. One side will have one contact by itself, and this is connected to ground.

On the other side of the switch hthere will be 3-4 prongs (I've only seen 4). The middle prong(s) will both be wired to the volume pot input. The outside prongs will be the pickup output wires. I wire it depending on which way you orient the switch in the body so that down is bridge, middle position is Neck & Bridge, and up position is neck only, and the orientation will determine if you attach the neck pickup to the top or bottom blade of the switch. Kinda hard to explain, but if you look at it and the way the switch manipulation opens or completes the circuits, you'll see what I'm talking about. I always put the ground connect side facing a tone pot so it's a shorter run to ground it there, and so the pickup lines from the pickup cavity don't have to go very far in the control cavity. In some instances where space is tight or akward, it has been desirable to run the switch in the opposite direction, especially when I want to retain a good length of pickup lead length.

As for #2, you'd really need a wiring diagram to explain it, but from the ones I've seen, you need to wire the switch differently than normal, where second or third position activates both humbuckers and then the first or fifth position turns on the single coil by itself. Or, you could use a different switch I suppose.

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