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Gibson Scale Length Floyd Rose Conversion

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Hello everyone I just joined up here.I own a Dean '79 series Z,basically a Gibson Explorer-style guitar.I am going to be putting an Original Floyd Rose in it,and cannot find the measurement for where to set the template to route it out.I know on the Stew-Mac site it says to start at the post holes,25'' from the nut.But this is for a 25-1/2 scale guitar.Where do I put it for the Gibson scale?To me it makes sense to start at 25'',since the area where the string length begins is about a 1/2'' away from that point.SO...how do I measure this for my guitar?Thank you very much in advance!

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i always subtract 0.415" from the scale length and measure that distance from the nut the align your center line for the post's on that mark. Or add 0.415" to the template from the center line of the post's towards the back, so the scale line should fall pretty much at the start of the trem block hole, and now you can measure the scale normaly on the guitar, and the template already has it's compensation line built in.

Remember the saddle to post distance is a constant regarless if you use it on a 251/2" scale guitar or a 24" scale guitar.

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