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Mini Drill Press 5 Speed


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I have been in need of a drill press, so I have had a look around and found a lot of mini drill presses 5 speed and was wondering if it could work for a while. It's basically a table top drill press. I will eventually get a nice drill press, but if I can use this for a while there are some others tool I would like first. Just curious, so if you have any thoughts let me know. Thanks guys. Jason

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I just sold a small drill press at my wifes yard sale. Any drill press is better than not having one. You will find that smaller ones are pretty limiting because they dont have enough clearance. I bought a 16" and it gets a lot of use, plus it has a tall and strong enough table to make accurate tricky angled holes. A good set of large bits to remove extra material before routing is really helpful. Larger press and bigger table will make sanding with drum bits easyer. So to sum it up bigger is better, if you can go for bigger. If you don't see that as an option even a small drill press will help (it will just limit its uses).

Peace, Rich

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