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Do Strat Bodies Vary In Width?

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Hi Guys,

I got a Strat style body from Ebay for my first project and after I got it I noticed its thinner than my 1996 Fender American Standard strat and my 1982 Kramer Pacer body. Its about a quarter of an inch (maybe a bit more) thinner. You can tell because the tremolo bridge goes all the way thorugh the body and cannot place the back cover.

It is obviously a cheap immitation body but it got me wondering if Fender bodies vary in width depending on year made, or plant, or quality. Can anybody bring some light to this question?


Robert Justiniano


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Dunno about strats...my MIJ seems to be the 'right' thickness.

On the other hand, I've had two Melody Makers --the first one is a whopping 33 mm thick. The second (the one I sold off) was a massive 38 mm thick...

But these were made back in the days before CNC machines... I think since then things are probably pretty much standardized, at least within a single factory and a specific model.

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