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Is This Scheme Ok?


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this is the first time that i write here.

my name is Alex and i live in Italy.

I have a doubt about the eletric scheme of my Strato.

it have 2 Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails SVR and one Seymour Duncan Miny Humb JB Jr.

this is the scheme that i think to use....but i'm not sure that it's ok....


what do you think???

can you help me??

ah: i want a mini switch on/off/on for use the humb like single.

ciao ciao

PS: i'm realy sorry for my BAD english :D

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Well, you're missing the ground connection on the toggle switch ( take another look at the schematic you linked to), and you're using a different style toggle switch (on-off-on, versus the on-none-on specified in the SD schematic). but if you connect one end of that switch to ground, it'll split the coils in one position, as you expect. As for the rest of your diagram, I can't really tell what kind of switch you're using, but I see no reason why it won't work if you've made the correct connections at the switch. Try it as planned, and if it doesn't work correctly, give us a little more info on the switch, etc., and we'll help you get it working. :D Good luck!

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