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Electric Spray Guns

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Good day!

Approaching the finishing stage with my guitar and I've got all the materials... filler, sanding sealer, woodstain, lacquer etc. I plan to use the woodstain to tint the lacquer and spray a coloured finish over the sanding sealer, followed by clear coats etc etc. Everything is nitro-based.

Anyhow, spray guns eh? Can be a bit pricey to a beginner, particularly if you dno't have a compressor handy. So I was wondering if these electric spray guns I've seen are any cop? Or are they unsuitable for this task? I would be using them to apply the coloured and clear lacquer coats.

I've seen one for not-too-many-quid in my local DIY megasuperduperstore. This is the kind of thing I mean...


Anyone ever tried one of these badlads? Any experience or hints for using one, if they're even appropriate? Feeback muchos appreciados!!

Thanks everybody!


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Tell you the truth, I have used that to paint a lot of things, from car undercarriage to filing cabinets, but never to paint a guitar. They tend to leave a very noticiable orange peel feel, and the paint doesnt atomize very well. If you are painting solid colors it should be fine, ...if you don't mind spending a lot of time sanding back to get a smooth finish

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Can anybody post a link to a website that stocks them? id be interested in reading up on them...

~~ Slain Angel ~~

Here's where I grabbed the image from, but it's not the one I bought...

Electric Spray Gun

I note you're from the UK.. the one I've picked up is made by Wagner and I bought it from B&Q, but they don't have it on their web page. The following online store stocks it tho..

Electric Spray Gun.. DIY Tools

and details from manufacturer's web page...

Wagner W140P

Hope this helps. I'm going to try out this puppy on my test piece.. I'll post back and let you know how I get on.



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