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Aging Parts

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I do some metal sculptures. I built a very abstract looking tree from sheet metal and I turned the copper leaves I made for it green with vinegar. Just remember that when you use vinegar, you need to wash it off with water afterwards so it doesn't stink to high heaven forever. And just to save you some trouble...don't submerge whatever you coat in vinegar in the vinegar itself. It requires air to oxidize(that's why they call it oxidation, actually), so you just want a light coat of the vinegar. The best way(I found) is to moisten a paper towel in vinegar(just so it's damp) and then loosely wrap the part to be oxidized in the paper towel. This supplies the part with a constant supply of both oxygen and vinegar. Good luck with this; I've always contemplated building a guitar that's pre-aged.

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