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Lacquer Over Enamel.. How Long?

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The EVH I did was Duplicolor engine enamel under the Duplicolor clear. I will tell you one thing, the EVH STILL is soft. I can dent it so easily. If you do it, make sure the body hands in a HOT room with some ventilation.

I am actually going to strip it down and spray it with McFaddens now.


Good luck!

Well what I did was put it in the oven and bake it at 150F for an hour and it worked great! I used cream colored enamel that I brushed on with a steady hand. OK there were a few problems... like the body broke in half... but other than that it was quite successful the cream enamel looks just like a plastic binding. I have 8 coats of duplicolor acrylic over it right now and am planning on putting 8 more, maye 12?

wow your evh looks classy. :-) Did you do something special to the bridge and jack they look kinda patina-y. Very nice.


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