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hi everyone I am about to build my first guitar and am new to guitar building ive been playing for 10 years. basically i am wondering how do u know the exact dimensions? did u just eyeball it or do u follow exact dimensions?i am trying to build a gibson firebird body. and how hard is a neck to build and are there any dimensions i should follow for that besided nut width?

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I would recomend a book called " Make your own electric guitar" by Melvin Hiscock, before you go ahead and purchase a lot of expensive wood and hardware. The book goes through a complete design of a custom guitar and Hiscock teaches you a lot about building guitars. The mesaurments you need to know is (among others):

fret board with at the nut

fret board with at the end

bridge hight

neck angle

body thickness

and so on

This book covers it all. It also have a list of necesary tools, a section on finishin and setup and so on. Im sure there are other good bocks/Videos/DVDs out there to get ou started, but this is the one I started with and I'm still (after 15 guitars) using it for some references on neck angle, fret board with and so on.

Good luck


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