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Burnt Finish On Purpleheart

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I figured I would practice some burn methods on body blank leftovers for the body Im currently building. (heat gun, propane, oxyaccetaline) Naturally the oxyaccetaline is way to hot, and if I turn down the oxygen, I get a sooty flame that leaves a residue. The heat gun dosent seem to get hot enough, and the propane gives unpredictable results. I was wondering if there was another method that someone has used and had good results. Im also open to suggestions as to a pattern. I would rather not copy a BSB jem, or the 80s tiger stripes. Thinking flames or lightninig bolts(hence the need for more control over the burn)

The wood is purpleheart. Oh yeah I mentioned that in my post. (relax metal matt, its not the razzor body) :D

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the propane gives unpredictable results

I would guess that this would be the best way, and that you need to practice with it more to get the hang of it's quirks...just like anything else, you have to do it for awhile to get good at it. :D

Try practicing with the propane for 15 minutes a night for 3-4 nights, then see what you think.

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