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Bolt On Locatating Screws

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I assume you mean the neck heel...meaning it is blank. I think a favoured trick is to use a neck plate..place it where the neck will go on the body...butt up against the body...trace the holes...then drill through..

..if your neck is blank...then fit some screws through so they just reach through...place you neck in place so they get the imprint of the screws..

..if you are not using a neck plate on the rear..make sure you recess the holes for the heads of the screws..or use a ferrule...

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Then just eye up and make your best judgement..

I only sugested using the neck plate as a guide so you have things even - but adjust according to taste and so long as there will be enough wood..ie they are not right at the edge...of the neck and the body heel..

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this isn't an answer to the specific question but when i have a neck that has pre-drilled holes and i want to drill the body perfectly i snip off four finish nails so that they will protrude about a 1/16" when placed in the holes. i set the body on it's side so the nails won't fall out and insert the neck into the pocket. when you press down firmly on the neck you'll get four small holes inside the pocket and that's where you drill. be sure to back the body with a piece of scrap wood so that when you drill your pilot holes the bit won't tear out the back.

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