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Painting Graphic Over Existing Finish

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I was just wondering if its even possible to paint a graphic onto an existing finish on a guitar. Whats the best way to do it? What kind of paint do i use? Etc,etc... Thanks.


"Best" way is to strip the guitar, prime, paint and/or glue on graphics, build up coats of clear until smooth... If you want a quick hack that's pretty clean then:

I've never painted laquer over an existing epoxy polyester finish so I'm unsure how that will work. However, if your guitar is currently coated in laquer or polyurethane then this will do it.

Don't use anything water based over an existing oil based finish.

1. Mask off the parts of the guit you don't want destroyed. (remove them all if possible). Mask the neck pocket if you remove the neck.

2. Scuff sand the existing finish with 320 grit paper. smooth out any chips.

3. Spray on one coat of laquer primer (this step is optional and only if you plan on completely re-covering the whole guitar with color and graphics) , wait to dry, scuff sand only for tooth 320 grit or finer. fair out any chips in the finish to smooth edges.

4. Paint/glue your graphic.

5. Layer on clear coats of laquer allowing to dry and scuff sanding in between layers. fair out the edges of the graphic lightly between coats (Don't sand through). Only put on as many clear coats as you want/need for your own sanity and peace of mind.


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